Friday, April 29, 2011

Catch the Royal Wedding Fever...Catch It

I’m not sure that I ever announced this on the blog but my grandmother passed away this past summer. It happened while I was in England, on the day that I was presenting at a conference in Exeter and, because I was only due to be in the UK for another month at that point and it would have been really, really expensive to fly to Canada for a few days, I was unable to attend her funeral. Anyways, my grandmother lived an incredibly full (after her three children were grown she moved to Vienna and lived there alone for several years – to me this has always been the most romantic and daring of her many achievements and adventures) and very long life. She was also a member of the Elk Lodge (kind of like the Free Masons for women) in Canada and my family recently sent me these gorgeous pieces of jewelry that were a part of her Elk regalia (I’ve always had a thing for my grandmother’s sparkly jewelry (surprised?) and over the years I’ve been gifted a number of beautiful vintage by her including my prized possession of a stunning green Austrian crystal bracelet that I wore at my wedding). Aren’t they lovely? I’m thrilled to have this small legacy from grandmother and wanted to share them.

Also, all of my royal wedding dreams have come true because the bride wore McQueen and, even though I know a lot of people were less that thrilled with several of the fascinators (I think it's been a while since the term "hot mess" has been so liberally thrown around the interweb) but I seriously and truly loved them all! As a historian of Britain I can tell you that watching the royal wedding was like getting in a time machine and seeing the spectacle and large scale public rejoicing associated with, for example, the public entry of Elizabeth I into London in 1558 or the marriage celebrations held for Jane Seymour and Henry VIII. It was amazing and I loved every minute!!!

images from

Finally, the Overtop the Top Swap happens today and tomorrow at Edmonton’s Telus Field! So if you are in that area, check it out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bon Voyage My Ivory Friend

This is totally a lazy post on my part but, because we are moving and I don’t plan on wearing it again unless as a part of a zombie Halloween costume, I’ve decided to donate my wedding gown to charity. And this is my letter of goodbye to that off-the-rack gown that I plucked from a sale bin at a place called Denilore Bridal in the wilds of Edmonton. It was a steal of deal and served me well on that day.

(and I even managed to squeeze myself into one more time before we part ways)

and so I bid it a fond adieu and hope that it finds a good new home. For my married readers, have you kept your wedding dress and why/why not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kors and Costco

Who found a Michael Kors trench at Costco for $30? This gal!

trench: Michael Kors / jeans: Banana Republic / shoes: I can’t recall / purse: Old Navy

Also, for my Edmonton readers, don’t forget about the Overtop the Top Swap, happening in two days! I sure do wish I was going to be in Edmonton for this, it looks insane. You can read my write up of the event here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sequined Whale

Disclaimer: I did not actually wear the whale hat out of the house. But I sure do love that hat.

Hat: Vancouver Aquarium / Dress: ModCloth / Boots: F21

In other news, Vogue had a little piece about the upcoming Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET and I have to got to say that I am getting so unbearably excited to see this thing!

image credit: Vogue

You also may have noticed a little redesign happening over on the right side of the blog – I have the lovely and very talented Shari over at Little Blue Deer to thank for that!

And, my last bit of news, my amazing friends threw a birthday party for me this weekend and all chipped in to buy me a shiny new camera!!!! Not only am I super happy that I am lucky enough to such sweet and supportive people, but NEW CAMERA!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This look is brought to you buy one of my favorite artists, the Pre-Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

blue sequin jumper: F21/ cardigan: Yale University bookstore / faux suade wedge boots: 21

And check it, he’s also a poet. Here’s “A Little While.”

A little while a little love
The hour yet bears for thee and me
Who have not drawn the veil to see
If still our heaven be lit above.
Thou merely, at the day's last sigh,
Hast felt thy soul prolong the tone;
And I have heard the night-wind cry
And deemed its speech mine own.

A little while a little love
The scattering autumn hoards for us
Whose bower is not yet ruinous
Nor quite unleaved our songless grove.
Only across the shaken boughs
We hear the flood-tides seek the sea,
And deep in both our hearts they rouse
One wail for thee and me.

A little while a little love
May yet be ours who have not said
The word it makes our eyes afraid
To know that each is thinking of.
Not yet the end: be our lips dumb
In smiles a little season yet:
I'll tell thee, when the end is come,
How we may best forget.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Dress!!!

My ModCloth dress arrived! The one I purchased for $19 a few weeks back on sale? C’mon, you remember. Yeah, that one. And I love it!

dress: ModCloth / blazer: H&M / tights: Target / shoes: Aldo / necklace: ModCloth

Now, do I need to buy new shoes? Probably not, but these shimmer Mary Jane flats (so perfect with a flirty sun dress) and this powerful leopard print wedges from F21 have me swooning nonetheless.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sparkle sparkle. Seriously, I love this hugely gaudy statement necklace. And, as Nina Garcia recently tweeted, “the statement necklace talks. It tells the world a little bit about a girl. It establishes a vibe and paints a picture.” Word.

skirt: thrifted / top: Gap / necklace: H&M / shoes: Aldo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Admiral

My spring wardrobe is starting to reveal itself! This is what a wore recently to a reception for the formation of a new research center here (translation: some rich dudes gave us a bunch of money to set up this “institute” (which I hear will even be having some post docs but is all about, from what I can tell, bashing social and cultural history and crying for a return to straight-up, and very hegemonic, political history from the bad old days of yore…but whatever, free cocktails!). Anyways, it was an awkward afternoon of jazz piano, finger foods, and warmly thanking people (seriously, there was a guy there, one of the donors, called “the Admiral”) but it the perfect occasion for me to wear my sheer top with it’s ever-so-cute pink bow pattern, with a blazer of course…let’s keep this professional people.

blouse: Next / shoes: Target / tights: Target / blazer: H&M / skirt: Gap

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Gray

I know that spring is usually all about nudes and blushes, the occasional polka dot, and a sprinkling of floral patterns but I’ve got a put in a plug for gray this season, especially during this transitional bit before it becomes really warm out. Whether it’s a soft heather tone or a more steely hue, I’ve always been a fan of touches of gray (either as solid colors or the visual result of a blending of black and white patterns). Here’s my take on gray for spring and here are a few other great gray items on my spring wishlist from ModCloth.

jumper: TK Maxx, Cambridge / cardigan: Zara

What's Not to Love Cardigan

Unlock Your Heart Tank

Pounce and Flounce Top

Good Night and Good Tuck Skirt

Don't Steel My Skirt

Also, for my Edmonton readers, don’t forget about the Overtop the Top Swap, happening in ten days! I sure do wish I was going to be in Edmonton for this, it looks insane. You can read my write up of the event here.

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