Monday, May 30, 2011

Get the Max From Your Maxi

Are you planning on rocking maxi dresses this summer? Here are a few tips on wearing this style and a few of my favorite maxi dresses on the market this season.

Style Your Maxi

In other news, I won’t be posting for the next two days because I’m moving to my new apartment! So catch you all on the flipside and wish me luck.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

McQueen at the Met

As most of you know, this past Wednesday I took the train into NYC for the day to visit the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met (which is apparently so popular that it’s run is being extended into August), wander around Central Park for a bit, and meet some friends in Union Square for some beers on an outdoor patio. As I expected, the McQueen exhibit was nothing short of spectacular. The space was set up in the fashion of what I would characterize as a gothic ballroom in a very witchy and dark Versailles. Think Baroque style gold frames housing blackened and cracked mirrors with the haunting melodies of Handel and the anthem “God Save the Queen” playing softly in the background. The exhibit itself featured nearly 100 articles of clothing and 50 accessory pieces designed by McQueen (including a stunning section of immaculately tailored all black suit-like pieces featuring McQueen's famed "bumster" pants) and was structured around the themes of romanticism, nationalism, exoticism, and historicism.

I, personally, found the historicism theme to be the most striking and it was replete with references to the Rape of the Highlands (the theme of one of McQueen’s most celebrated collections), the Battle of Culloden, English imperialism and nationalism, and even Tudor and Jacobean portraiture. As the Director’s forward to the exhibit catalogue eloquently phrased it, “mythic images of chivalry, brutality, and romance, ideals of heroic women, beauty in the unconventional – these ideas infused McQueen’s designs with an unparalleled emotional depth and challenged us to embrace new ideas about gender, history, and nature.”

Photography was strictly prohibited but I was able to grab a few shots with my IPhone and I rustled up a few more images generated by others of items inside the exhibit. Enjoy (and, if you have a chance, definitely, definitely come to view this exhibit – you will not be disappointed in this fitting tribute to an innovative and talented artist).

Glam shots inside the Met

Cleopatra's Needle in the Park



Hanging with my helpmeet (ignore the weird hair - this was at the end of the day and after two pints)

The Met

McQueen (image credit: my weheartit archive)

McQueen (image credit: my weheartit archive)

McQueen (image credit: my weheartit archive)

McQueen (image credit: my weheartit archive)

McQueen (image credit: my weheartit archive)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cameos and Sparkly Things

Welcome the newest addition to my ring collection – this stunning cameo number from Bumblebee Tuna.

And here it is joining my other lovely finger accessories.

And here are my other ring obsessions (seriously, is anyone not swooning over the YSL Arty ring?).

image credit: weheartit

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Dress Dreams

I wore this recently to go wedding dress shopping with a friend – of course as soon as I got into the store I just wanted to try on wedding gowns but I’ve convinced myself that that’s pretty normal and not at all desperate or strange…right?

dress: H&M / cardigan: Old Navy / wedges: DSW / bag: can’t remember, I think a street vendor in London / stockings: We Love Colors

I snapped a ton of photos yesterday of my day trip to NYC to see the McQueen exhibit (which was insane; I never appreciated the great degree of historicism in his collections so much and I'm a historicist (obviously) at heart) so watch for those soon!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

World Turned Upside Down

The world must really be turned upside down because I’m wearing an awful lot of cream, white, and gold colors and that is just not like me at all. I basically built this look entirely around this awesomely cute bow ring that I got from Aldo but I have to admit that I’m enjoying pushing myself outside of my comfort zone a bit and challenging myself sartorially.

dress: thrifted, Worthington / shoes: Target / ring: Aldo / cardigan: thrifted, no tag / stockings: We Love Colors

Tomorrow I am off to NYC to check out the McQueen exhibit at the MET! I’ll be sure to post on that later.

Shorts and Swallows

I found these cute shorts at my local Savers last week and had to scoop them – and my birthday gift to myself, this lovely bird pin from Aldo, also arrived in the mail! So yeah, I’m a pretty happy camper today.

Also, I’ve just got to say that this week I am totally crushing on the Chanel pre-fall 2011 collection. The Byzantine themed collection reminds me of the luxury, boldness, and power of Empresses Theodora and Zoe. I can’t get enough of it.

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