Wednesday, January 30, 2013


In preparation for teaching this week, I dug my Cambridge Satchel out of storage because I personally think it looks so damn collegiate that I’d be a fool not to use it as my teaching bag. Weirdly, I feel more like a doctoral degree holder when I use this baby.

coat: H&M / fur collar: BB Dakota / pants: Urban Outfitters / satchel: Cambridge Satchel Company / boots: Aldo

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I went to see one of my favorite bands, The Flatliners, play back in December. And I scored this sweet shirt! Rock on.
jeans: Urban Outfitters / shirt: The Flatliners / blazer: Calvin Klein, thrifted / wedges: ASOS

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Leather Shoulders!

I actually picked up this top from Zara a month or so ago (to my great delight, as Instagram and Twitter followers know) and I have been wearing the heck out of it lately. It’s perfect both for a day at work where I have no important meetings (I like to dress a bit more formal for those) and for teaching my world history class on the side.

top: Zara / pants: Jacob

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is me trying to inject a little warmth into my winter wardrobe with a super snuggly cardigan and some gold accessories. I think it’s working.

skirt: Target / blouse: thrifted, Value Village / cardigan: H&M / necklace: ModCloth / bracelets: Aldo and ASOS / watch: Kenneth Cole 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Daylight, or the Lack Thereof

The lack of daylight in this town during the winter makes getting blog photos a real pain in my ass. So, sorry about the crappy lighting but the sun sets here while I’m still at work so I’m reduced to goof ball night time photos. I still love winters though. Even the dark and really cold ones.

pants: RW Winter and Company / blouse: ModCloth / blazer: F21

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life Lately

More Insta-life…

This year I handmade my Christmas cards

I used a late meeting as an excuse to get caught up on a little online window shopping

Out and about in Edmonton

My cats are adorable. ADORABLE!

I work in a dog friendly office. This is Gus (short for Augusta) and I adore her.

More handmade cards

Have you made any fun Instagram memories lately?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Office to Library

This is another outfit to carry me from my office to an evening session at the library writing lectures (and then for a rather large drink or two because, damn it, I've earned it). I’m excited to finally have this class start so I can start delivering these lectures that I’ve been busting my ass to write for the past two months!

dress: Target / cardigan: Zara / boots: Steve Madden / ring: House of Harlow via Shopbop / glasses: Clearly Contacts

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Comfy and Cozy

I’m wearing this super comfy outfit consisting of some leggings and shorts and a warm sweater because I’m about to run off to the library and spend all evening writing lectures for the world history class I’m teaching right now at a local university. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. Class started January and even before I delivered my first lecture I had written 18 out of 33 lectures so I’m feeling really ahead of the game at this point. Go me!

leggings: Target / shorts: H&M / sweater: thrifted, Joe Fresh / boots: Kohls / faux fur collar: ASOS

Friday, January 11, 2013


Insta-life lately: my new city bathed in fresh snow, me donning a whale on my end and freezing my sweet ass off in the winter cold, and the cover of the local magazine I was recently featured in - Gwar, you guys. Gwar was on the cover. I nurture a deep fondness for Sleazy P. Martini so this was pretty awesome for me.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Big Easy

I wore this a few weeks ago to a gathering at Edmonton’s Bamboo Ballroom for a little shopping party to celebrate the release new collections by incredibly talented local designers AMOR jewelry and Suka Clothing.

I’ve been sitting on this high-low pleat dress from BB Dakota for a few weeks now and was super thrilled to finally have a chance to wear it out.

In other news, I'm officially back from my two day sojourn in New Orleans where I was attending the annual American Historical Association conference, seeing a bit of the amazing city, interviewing for a few jobs, and catching up with historian friends from around the US, Canada, and UK. For those who follow me on Twitter and Instagram you will know that I had a mild disaster-induced panic attack when my suitcase did not make it to New Orleans and I had job interviews the next morning. After waiting several hours after the bags were supposed to be delivered to the hotel for them to appear my amazing hotel roomies and I charged out after dinner and bought me all new clothes for my interviews. And then my bag showed up and so I got to spend most of the next day running around like a crazy person from interview to interview, returning purchases in between and going on a series of coffee and lunch/dinner/wine dates with old friends. So the whole was basically a whirlwind and I arrived home after a 13 hour series of flights ready to collapse. But it was an amazing, amazing trip and reminded me how much I miss all my historian friends and emergency shopping supports.

dress: BB Dakota via Shopbop / tights: Winners / shoes: Zigi Soho via Nordstrom Rack / blazer: Aritzia / necklace: the Met

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You're Welcome, IKEA

I wore this for a little day trip to IKEA with my helpmeet (we like to go and imagine interiors and then stuff our faces at the IKEA restaurant in despair at not being able to afford all that fancy Swedish junk). But this time we realized that, for the first time in years, we’re not living on a grad student’s stipend so we could actually buy furniture. And then the shopping spree started. So, at the end of it, our living room was pretty much redone and all the fine folks at IKEA got to bask in the glory of my wolf shirt. Finally, I win!

shirt: Giant Tiger / faux leather shorts: F21 / leggings: Target / purse: Roxy / boots: Steve Madden / cardigan: H&M 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Always Be Prepared

I’m officially ready for the new year! My first day of teaching is January 2 (yikes, today!) and I have written close to 20 lectures out of the 33 that I will be giving over the course of the term. Sure, the last two months of my life have consisted of working from 8-4 everyday followed by writing lectures from 5-10 pm but it was worth it because I feel more than prepared for the start of classes!
jeans: Urban Outfitters / blouse: BB Dakota via Shopbop / wedges: Target / blazer: F21 / necklace: I can’t remember where I got it from – it’s got little rhinestone skulls all over it and I think I bought it for a Halloween costume one year and it just transitioned itself into my daily wear jewelry collection