Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I was in NYC a few weeks back to see the McQueen exhibit, my helpmeet slipped off to the gift shop and picked me up this whimsical piece of jewelry. It’s modeled on Faberge sensibilities (and I do love the grandeur of the Russian imperial court) and, best of all for an archive rat like me who spends a great deal of time hunched over documents written in the 1580s which are written in a ridiculously small hand, it’s a magnifying glass! My trips to the archives are going to be ever so chic.

jumper: TK Maxx / boots: Thom Brown / blazer: thrifted / purse: Roxy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Pleats Have It

I think I might be addicted to Asos. Here are a few of the current things I’m coveting (this shopping diet I’m on is going to kill me you guys).

Traditional Color Briefcase

Portfolio Clutch

Chiffon Maxi Skirt

I’m also obsessed with pleated skirts as of late (as a late birthday present my friend recently purchased one for me via Ebay but it hasn’t arrived yet and I have ever so high hopes for it). I just love the vintage feel and the movement and volume that they add.

all images from my weheartit archive

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The rainy weather here seems to have finally cleared up!!! But, while the weather was crappy, to get out of my rainy day funk I did a little online window shopping at ModCloth and came across all these great graphic and animal prints that immediately caught my eye. And the best part is that some of these are selling for less than $30 right now…but I have every intention of being strong and sticking with my thrift store only shopping diet until September. I've got to get me a fancy business lady suit for the job market this fall and need to aggressively pinch my pennies!

Caught My Attention Top

Brush Hour Skirt

Animal Song Dress

Are there any special summer items that you're coveting this season?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Featured In...

Readers know that I am a second hand clothes junkie…I love hitting up my local Goodwill and other thrift shops and hunting for sensational sartorial finds. And don’t even get me started on the delights I’ve located via Ebay.

That’s why when I was approached by Smashion for an interview I was over the moon. In case you’ve never heard of it before, I strongly recommend that you all check Smashion out. It’s “a no-fees online fashion marketplace and community that connects smart and savvy buyers and sellers with a passion for budget fashion. Smashion is the first fashion marketplace that enables users to mix and match new and pre-loved fashion items to create individual looks. The site is our eco-friendly response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace.”

Aside from all the great shopping one can do on Smashion they also have a space called the Smashion Lounge which features blog round ups and great interviews with fellow fashionistas…and that’s where I’m featured! So do me a solid and head over there to check it out…and maybe do a little shopping while you’re there.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Wish I Were at a Resort

It’s official, the terrible heat and humidity that is New Haven weather appears to have started. To make it worse, it’s hot and humid and rainy and just all over ugh. Furthermore, I’m knee-deep in deadlines (2 conference papers to write, a job market portfolio to compile, and a book review that I was commissioned to write – and the book turns out to be almost 1,000 pages long so that’s going to take me a while). This weekend my big and exciting plans are to hunker down on campus and later at home with a bottle of wine and work like a maniac. But I also hope to have some time for a stroll around New Haven because even though it is rainy, it’s still pretty with all the summer greenery and stunning architecture and flowers ever where I look. Actually, it makes me kind of miss New Haven from about two months ago when it wasn’t terrible humid and some of the remnants of winter were still around. Here are a few shots I snapped back in April as I wander around desperate to postpone work for another hour (I swear, I won’t do that this weekend).

Looks like my favorite writer has a new book out!

I also wanted to share with you a few of my favorite looks from two 2012 resort collections: Alexander McQueen (helmed by the amazingly talented Sarah Burton of course) and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Burton’s collection featured all the elegance and quirky details that one would expect of a McQueen collection while Jacobs’ collection featured a fun of flirty frocks and kicky shorts in both bold monochromatic looks and some fun patterns. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite looks from both.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

image credits:

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Feast your eyes on this gorgeous statement necklace I recently won in a giveaway from Diana over at Express-o. The necklace itself is from a shop called Malinka and they have a whole array of other fabulous items so check it out if you have a chance!

The bold navy and white print plays into my burgeoning love for zebra print…so I’m a pretty happy gal.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to my obsessions du jour:

Summer Whites

Orange and Coral

Oh, and I have another product review video to share…check it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


These were my last purchases (made about a month ago) before I put myself on a only-thrift-stores shopping diet for the rest of the summer. I did this because I am going to be going on the job market this fall and I plan to invest in a suit for interviews (hopefully campus visits, job talks, etc.) and wanted to save a bit of a cash. But anyways…I love this tank and orange purse (both acquired for less than $20). I’m really into orange these days. Like a lot. In fact, you may remember this purse from my recent blogger meet up.

purse: H&M / tank: F21 / shorts: H&M (for $3!!!!) / boots: Kamik, Olivia model

For full coverage of my recent epic blogger meet up, check out Chic on the Cheap, Amber Blue Bird, Closet Fashionista, and Star-Crossed Smile.

And has anyone else heard the recently announced collaboration between Donatella Versace and H&M? Here’s a link if not. Get your excited pants on.