Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Summer That Never Was

It’s starting to become apparent to me that summer is waning as temperatures cool and the days get shorter. I’m a lover of fall and winter above all else so this isn’t necessarily a sad realization for me, but I also can’t help thinking that I just didn’t get that much out of summer this year, spending most of it indoors. And so, while it’s even now a bit too chilly to not wear a light jacket in the morning, I’m celebrating/partially mourning the end of a summer that never really was with a dress I expressly purchased to wear this summer for neighbourhood walks and picnics in the park that never really materialized. 

dress: The Bay / jacket: Simons / shoes: Old Navy 

Feature: Please check out the podcast Nice White Parents – you will not be disappointed…and you will probably also be depressed by the state of racial integration and “diversity” in the New York City public school system (and, really, most school systems).

Friday, September 25, 2020

All the Frills: Poppy Barley Shoes

I have long coveted a pair of Poppy Barley shoes and recently I took the plunge and ordered these stunning flats. They are both easily the most expensive shoes I own, and the most comfortable. I really, really hope another pair is in my future.


Weekend Reading:
  • As someone who has acquired four caftans since March, this resonates

  • I had to practically beg for a dose of morphine on my third night in the hospital post C-section, so I related to this. Our medical system needs to do so much work when it comes to postpartum recovery

  • These recreations of tarot cards by a Haitian artists’ collective are breathtaking

  • I have an incredibly strong aversion to gender reveals

  • Obviously the passing of the indomitable RBG was a pretty shattering event. What happens over the next few months might be even more so.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Still Into It

Still absolutely loving my short hair! Watch, in a few weeks I’ll be here complaining about missing longer hair, ponytails, and messy buns. I’m nothing if not mercurial (I’m really not).

pants: RW / shirt: Dynamite / shoes: Aldo / necklace: Saks Off 5th / jacket: ASOS 

Feature: This is a fascinating history of the colour “haint blue” and what it means to many descendants of enslaved peoples.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Finally Got Off My Ass...

Well, I finally got off my ass and went to get my hair coloured and chopped off – it’s long overdue as I was originally planning on doing this in March and then, well, a global pandemic happened. I’m really, really pleased with the cut. I always forget how much I enjoy having shorter hair. I think I’ll keep it this way for a while now.

leggings: ASOS / top: Old Navy / necklace: Aldo / shoes: Spring / blazer: Love Token


Feature: This photography collective is producing some amazing work. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Empty Office

Nothing like getting into a suit just to go sit in an empty office by yourself and putter around for half a day. While it definitely felt like a weird thing to be doing, I was actually pretty happy to have an excuse to get out of the house and into the office for a few hours.

pants: RW / blazer: Philosophy / shoes: Spring / necklace: ASOS / shirt: Joe Fresh


Feature: Ziwe Fumudoh is incredibly funny and has a real talent for making people have uncomfortable (and necessary) conversations. Her interview with Caroline Calloway was amazing.