Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Weather Has Foiled Me Again

When I took these photos it was finally nice enough, after a stretch of rainy days, wind, and lower than usual temperatures, for me to pack away my winter coats and transition to lighter weight jackets for my morning run to drop off Eleanor at her day home (you know, the only reason I have for leaving the house). Don't worry, it snowed (snowed!) since then, so there's that bubble burst. But, I also recently got my first dose of vaccine so I am 100% riding that high even if the weather confounds me.
coat: Bagatelle / leggings: Amazon / shirt: Reitmans / shoes: Spring 

Feature: So I’m way behind on things but I finally watched Netflix’s Disclosure and it was phenomenal – I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Just a Ball of Stress

Work these days has been punishing for me – no other good way to describe it than punishing. There are a bunch of legislative changes in the offing where I live that have the potential to have huge ramifications on the structure and daily operations of my organization and result in massive headaches and potential loss of revenue. Not only is that incredibly stressful but the worst part is we don’t know exactly the full scope of the changes (which means the impacts could range from next to nothing to a total overhaul of how we do almost everything) or exactly when the regulations will be released and take effect. So basically I wake up every morning with a sense of impending dread, which then follows me around for the day, and accompanies me to bed. And this situation has been going on for almost a year now – so I’m getting very close to my breaking point! I really need to increase my meditation frequency so I don’t completely lose it. Well, at least I look relatively calm on the outside?
dress: Simons / shoes: Old Navy / necklace: birthday gift 

Feature: You know I love Bravo and this was an amazing piece in relation to its programming.