Friday, April 20, 2012

Philly Bound

I’m leaving this afternoon for a conference in Philly (and hopefully a little exploration of the city will be possible) so it seemed appropriate to share some snaps from my trip to DC in late March for, you guessed it, another conference. 

 Riding the rails on the way to DC

 I wasn't aware it needed saving. Regardless, this was the conference I wished I was attending

 On my way to dinner in DC

A little after dinner stroll to the White House

 The interior of my hotel: American panopticon

The conference program

 That's me!

More of the hotel
 I was able to fit in a stroll around the Capitol Building grounds

Outside the Folger Shakespeare Library - back in 2009 I lived in DC for three months and did research here for my dissertation

I hope everyone has a great weekend – wish me luck with my last ever conference paper as a graduate student!

And, to help make your weekend a fashionable one, don't forget that I'm looking to do some major clearing out of the Blog Shop over the next two months. I am really trying to clean it out before I move to Canada (less to pack and all that jazz) so, if you see something you like, shoot me an email and maybe we can negotiate a price that's lower than the one currently listed. So I can move some stock and you can get some big, big savings. Everybody wins!


Ellie said...

Good luck at your conference!!! The photos from your previous conference are so cool--loving your hotel!


Bunnie said...

Wonderful pictures! :) I need to make it there sometime.


Anonymous said...

Hope your conference goes well!

yiqin; said...

instagram photos are fab <3

Unknown said...

Have fun in Philly! I love the D.C pictures, isn't it sad that I live so close to D.C and I have never been that close to The White House? I'm crappy explorer of my hometown.


Oh to Be a Muse said...

That pool looks so refreshing right now. And I really love your fiery red hair in the last pic.

Closet Fashionista said...

YAY! Your name in a program! So cool :D
It looks amazing!
I hope you have loads of fun and productiveness in Philly, haha

welldressedmaker said...

Courtney, I totes didn't know cycling needed saving either.... Too many bikers, in my opinion. OK, I'm just bitter I can't ride a bike.
Have fun in your conference!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights


Thst sounds like fun, enjoy your trip. Philly is a pretty unique city. I love the Insta DC photos!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of all your conference-ing around the world! I LOVE Philly. Have a blast!


Jessie said...

I loveeee DC and Philly!! I used to spend a lot of summers in DC and I miss it! Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!

Check out 87Life on Facebook!

Sandy Joe said...

I absolutely adore travelling by train! It seems to me it's much easier to do in the east - all the cities are closer together. Can't wait for you mass exodus back to the great white north!!!!!

x The Pretty Secrets

Annie L said...

There's nothing like a great, old library. Have a great journey to Philly!
xo Annie

Filipa said...

The hotel seems amazing... and the white house... wow...

Jessica said...

I love your pictures of DC. It has been forever since I have been there. I must make a point to back within the next year or so.

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Karina Cifuentes said...

Hope you're having fun at the conference! And that hotel looks really nice...fancy!

Style Servings said...

Oooh it looks so nice!

Emma said...

Such Great pics! That hotel looks Awesome!

Bella said...

Is that the Grand Hyatt? I've stayed there once. lol on the panopticon!:)

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

You know I just LOVE DC. I am going there tomorrow actually. These pictures are fun.
Since you get to travel a bit for conferences, isn't instagram so convenient for quick snaps of the cities you visit? I just love it! I practically never use my digital camera now because it is less hassel to have everything with me.
Glad you enjoyed your Philly trip! Can't wait to see photos from that.