Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great Move of 2012

Seeing as how I am almost ready to start posting photos in my new home, I thought I share a few Instagram moments from my move and my last few days in New Haven.

Immediately before we started the hell that is packing for a cross-country move

A favorite window at Yale 

Yale, I will miss thee 

A little break from packing with a martini and a little Law and Order 

Pizza and beer with the lovely friends in New Haven who helped us load up our UHaul 

Driving to Canada 

I started the process of turning my dissertation into a book while we were driving...here I am starting to sort out the tasks to be done


welldressedmaker said...

I cannot wait for you to finish your book! It's so exciting! :)

♥ laura
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Alana said...

Law & Order is the best stress reliever, I find. I have the first few seasons at home and I bust them out often!

Anonymous said...

Moving is always so stressful - I dont know how you managed a cross country one with no breakdown!

Elle Sees said...

Love your handwriting

Marie a la Mode said...

Writing a book! So exciting! Will I be able to understand it when I read it or will I have to have an Ivy League degree? ; )

LyddieGal said...

it must be so great to finally be settled in! i'm sure the cats are much happier too, haha.

Amber said...

fun pics. I cant believe you took on the task of starting to turn your dissertation into a book while driving. Now that is dedication!

JennaStevie said...

This is such a long crazy move, it's awesome that you're back in Canada now. Good luck turning your dissertation into a book :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo, looks like a pretty fun last few days even though you were busy packing

Cee said...

I hope the moving process is going well! I'm very curious to know more about your dissertation, and the book to come - what subject did you do your PhD in?

Courtney Erin said...

I am a historian of early modern England (1500-1800) and Britain more broadly. My dissertation was called "Honor and Reputation Among the Early Modern English Elite, 1530-1630" and was an attempt to construct the social meanings of honor for men and women in the period (I'm a social historian) through a close reading of family papers in collections throughout the UK. And the book is basically just planned to be an extension of that (so it's a lot of stuff on violence, dueling, sexual reputation, techniques of self-presentation, etc.).

christine said...

Great snapshots of the process of moving. But like I've said before, change is good....now you're on your way to writing a book!! Hope that all is well..can't wait to see pics of your new hood!

Alessandra Carlomagno said...

great post!
kiss kiss


Unknown said...

martinis and law and order! perfect combo ;)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog

Tiffany M* said...

Lovely photos! Especially like the last one since I work at PSU UP :) Great blog!

noone said...

good luck with the moving process!!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Those are cool windows at Yale. And I think it's so funny how you pair martinis with law & order, lol. I used to love that show, especially SVU.

Stesha said...

love the instagrams!!!