Friday, April 4, 2014

All the Frills: The Necklace Tree

Several years ago in Connecticut I got this awesome Halloween decoration. And after Halloween that year I decided that it was simply too awesome to pack away in my holiday decoration storage box and that it would, in fact, make a perfect jewelry tree. And I was right.

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Cee said...

I wouldn't have actually guessed this was a Halloween decoration - it looks like it was meant to be an earring tree, albeit it a dark and moody one :)

LyddieGal said...

The tree is great, I actually have a tree intended for jewelry, but I like the look of it empty, haha.

Those mall photos are so creepy... something I will never understand is why we abandon things and just forget about them. I know a few of them said they'd been demolished, but after how long? Even just around here, there are abandoned movie theaters with the signs still up, falling apart. After a while we don't even notice the ugliness anymore, but it's there, a detriment to everything around it.
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