Monday, January 26, 2015

Sigh...This Lack of Daylight is Getting on My Nerves

Yeah, I did not make it home today before it got dark. So you all are getting treated to poorly lit fireplace photos. You’re welcome.

cardigan: ModCloth / jeans: J Brand, similar / top: H&M, similar / necklace: Target


Cee said...

I feel your pain. I really do.
I just missed an entire weekend of beautiful weather when I could have been taken photos because I was sick - and now... now all I can think is that this weekend, it's sure to rain. Sigh.

By Way of Berlin said...

I know what you mean- lately the weather has been switching from sunny to windy to rainy and back again within the course of a day. It makes taking outfit photos so difficult!

I like your sweater though, skulls are a favorite of mine :)


awhite said...

Ugh, winter totally puts a kink in shooting outfit photos, no?

Bright side: LOVE the skull cardigan. :)

Le Stylo Rouge

Marie a la Mode said...

Cute cardigan! I can't wait for Spring and for it NOT to be dark by 4:30 ; )

Darcy said...

Winter weather totally makes it so difficult to take pictures. If it's not dark it's freezing, hahaha!


I entirely understand, it's been weeks since I have been able to take decent style shots. It's been too cold. I love your cardigan, it's look very comfortable. /Madison
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Shoshana said...

This elongated cardigan is sick. Love the skull. Part edgy, partially funny. This cardigan is a oxymoron and it's perfect. Great purchase.

Unknown said...

Great cardigan and cool print ;)


LyddieGal said...

Oh believe me, I know how you are feeling! At least we are on the way to longer days, and every day we get a minute more. I'm pretty excited about that... of course we just have the rest of the winter to get through...

Love the cozy cardi, perfect for getting through these tough winters.
Chic on the Cheap

welldressedmaker said...

REgardless of the lack of daytime lighting, your outfit is still AWESOME. and that cardigan is my absolute fave of yours..

Unknown said...

i love that cardigan!!!! you look very nice ;)
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Adriele said...

That sweater is awesome and when I scrolled down to see the bottom pic of the skull I laughed because it's PERFECT! Love it!