Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Working It

This is one of my favourite work outfits from the past week – I need to commit the various components of this to memory so I can recreate it.

In other news, I'me having a pretty big week. In the good news column, a panel proposal I was involved with for the upcoming North American Conference on British Studies was accepted so I'm off to Arkansas shortly after I return from a vacation in Scotland in the fall. In the bad news column, we got rear ended last night and our back bumper is pretty much done for. Crappy.

blouse: Simons / pants: H&M / wedges: Target / jacket: H&M / necklace: Aldo / sunglasses


Closet Fashionista said...

I LOVE this outfit!!! So chic, you look very French! :D
Poop on the car but congrats on the panel!! Sounds so cool.

Cee said...

Your week sounds a bit like mine - partly fabulous, but also somewhat totally rotten. Ah well, I suppose it happens. I'm loving your ponytail. I can't believe how long your hair has grown!

LyddieGal said...

What a perfect work look - I love the leather panels on the pants, and the oversized bag is so chic.
Bummer about being rear-ended.
Chic on the Cheap

By Way of Berlin said...

I really love your look- professional but definitely not boring. That's great news about your work (your work always sounds interesting to me though) and I'm so jealous of your Scotland trip! We might be going in September but may have to reschedule for next summer.

xx Nina

awhite said...

This outfit is really super chic, babe. You look awesome!

I'm sorry to hear you got rear-ended! Ugh, bummer. Hopefully replacing the bumper isn't too much of a hassle!

Le Stylo Rouge

welldressedmaker said...

I SOOOO want this outfit! I have been wanting a trench/long jacket for so long and now this has fueled my desire even more!
So sorry to hear about getting rear ended- that sucks!

Nnenna said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your accident! Hope you guys are doing ok!