Friday, May 29, 2015

All the Frills: New Floors, Yay!

These photos look pretty crappy but I’m so excited about the install of our new floors that I really wanted to share them! As you can see, all our baseboards are still off (we’re waiting on the painters before we reattach them) and our walls haven’t yet been painted the pale blue colour we selected, but I am so happy about how the floors came out. And, when the painting gets done, I think the whole thing is going to come together amazingly.

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Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo for new floors! So funny that you and my parents were doing it at the same time! My mom has to put up the new accent wallpaper (they have to use a textured wallpaper on one of the walls because of the person who lived there before them) and put all the furniture back in and they're done! XD

Cee said...

Your new floors look gorgeous! Whenever I see a well done home renovation I'm tempted to join the fun... but then of course I remember how little fun home renovations are until they're over ;)

By Way of Berlin said...

The new floors look fab! It's amazing what changing a paint color or putting in new floors can do for a place. A friend recently did something similar and it's crazy how different her place looks- so much more modern. Can't wait to see the final photos :)

Love your links too!

welldressedmaker said...

damn, gurl, those floors look divine!!! I love the color and their size too!!! can't wait to see it all come together!

Elle Sees said...

love the floors! i admit, since moving to atl i don't wear flip flops anymore. but when i'm visiting back home, i bust them out!

Darcy said...

They look great! I am sure it is exciting to finally have them!


I've never been a huge fan of flip flops, especially in public, sanitary-wise. haha. The floors look great. I also like your little bar stand.
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