Tuesday, June 9, 2015

So Bright It Hurts My Eyes

I’m not going to lie, wearing a bold colour like this red dress made me feel a titch awkward and uncomfortable. But it’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone periodically…and I added enough of my beloved black to make me feel a bit more at home in it.

dress: ASOS / blazer: BB Dakota / boots: ASOS / necklace: Target


LyddieGal said...

I feel like there is nothing more attention grabbing than a little red dress, and I think they are a challenge for anyone to wear, so you are really putting yourself out there! Stepping out of your comfort zone is important, you never know when you might end up some place you really like being in.
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Closet Fashionista said...

Yep, I had a bright red dress like that (which I actually met you in at that first ever blogger meetup) and it always made me feel weird, so I ended up getting rid of it, haha. But it looks so good on you!

Cee said...

What is this, going outside your comfort zone? Definitely not something I do... well, ever anymore ;) Just the idea of wearing bright colours makes me a little twitchy. But for exactly the right piece, I could probably find a way. And this dress does look like just the right piece.

On an unrelated note, there is a Reitman's ad at the bottom of your page at the moment; I haven't been to one of their stores in years but the offerings they're advertising look shockingly stylish and affordable! The things you learn ;)

Marie a la Mode said...

That orange is a great color on you! But I, too, like my neutrals ; )

jess said...

The leather touches on the jacket are really cool. Stepping out of your comfort zone is good.

welldressedmaker said...

UGH-- this looks SOOO amazing on you! You can do bold, neutral, anything, woman.

By Way of Berlin said...

LOVE it! I think it's really "you" especially with the black blazer and boots. I love bold colors but if I'm not feeling it, I can't stand wearing them. I guess it's a mood thing for me.



Well it's great that you took a risk and went outside of your comfort zone, and then wearing red at that. I like the dress.
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Jess said...

The red looks good on you, glad that you stepped out of your comfort zone.

Mimi & Chichi

Darcy said...

this color looks great on you!