Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hair-o-Scope....and My Disastrous Hair

Glam shots at Edinburgh Castle guys! Apparently I decided to look at witchy/goth as possible on my travels. While wearing this some guy mistook me for a Swede. It was weird.

Relatedly (because my hair is a total disaster in these photos) I came across Madison Reed (a hair colour company that you can learn more about here) who created, and pretty cleverly if you ask me, a Hair-o-Scope. They also have this hair dye advisor that help you decide which hair color is best for you! . Basically it’s linking your star sign up with your hair traits. Anyways, I’m an Aries, and here’s my Hair-o-Scope. They’re pretty on the money with me too – a good hair day for me is one in which my mane is sleek and controlled. But, as you can see from the photos, that so rarely actually happens for me.

You can learn more about your Hair-o-Scope here.

dress: H&M / tights: Target / boots: Target / jacket: Century 21 / purse: New Look / necklace: Monserat de Lucca


Elle Sees said...

mine said frizz-free, ha! but it did say to go darker, which i did!

welldressedmaker said...

It's weird that mine said I was "family oriented" and I'm not sure how that's related to my hair. I love that my hair tip was "show determination by growing long locks" because I definitely have none of that kind of determination or patience as I'm plotting to get my hair cut again! ;)

AHHHh I love that necklace and every time you wear it, I always look at Monserat de Luca's website and I covet every skull in there!

Cee said...

Okay, I am going to have to check my hair-o-scope, just because - well, because my good hair days are pretty few and far between! Also, Edinburgh castle might just be the best outfit photo location in the UK that I can think of. I mean, really, what could be more glam?

awhite said...

Oooh, I want to check out my hair-o-scope, haha. Cool! And speaking of cool- that jacket, YES.

Le Stylo Rouge

LyddieGal said...

We are the same sign, and I must agree, sleek and controlled describes my hair at it's best.
Castles are fabulous. we should all get to take outfit photos at castles!
Chic on the Cheap

Unknown said...

Love the setting of these pictures I will have to check out my hair A scope


Such a perfect location to grab an outfit photo as well as enjoy the environment. Kind of difficult not to love a castle. <3
Autumnal Brights