Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Plaid Pants

My plaid obsession continues. Now that I have these awesome pants that bring my plaid closet count up to 3 shirts, 3 dresses, several scarves, and 2 pairs of pants. I need more!!!!

pants: Old Navy / shirt: Joe Fresh / jacket: found abandoned at a bar / shoes: Aldo / sunglasses: Aldo


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooooh! I love the color of those!! And yep, just like you need more plaid, I need more animal print! Ha ha :D

Cee said...

I am seriously impressed by your plaid collection. I love the idea of plaid but there are very few plaid pieces I'm truly comfortable wearing... mainly because of my need to always wear black and white ;)

awhite said...

This blue-based plaid is too cool for school- I love it, lady!

Le Stylo Rouge

Unknown said...

I love those pants!

Emma | With A City Dream

Unknown said...

Oh, I am loving those pants!! I am also obsessed with plaid. Such a gorgeous print. Don't you think. :) You look gorgeous.

March and May

LyddieGal said...

Ohh cobalt and turquoise do make for a great plaid! Let the obsession continue!

Darcy said...

Obsessed with all things plaid! These pants are great!!

welldressedmaker said...

you say you need more, but now I do too!!! I love that you got it in blues!

Elle Sees said...

this officially made my list of things i need in my closet: more plaid pants!!

Unknown said...

I love plaid too.i would love to find a pair! They look great

Sonja said...

Really cool look! I love the pants and the jacked is awesome too! :)
Sonja from http://stylequest.se