Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I Shouldn't Do Laundry and Other Life Lessons

So I had this blush coloured sheer blouse with beading at the neckline and I loved it and it was perfect. And I took it to Scotland and then, in a jet lagged haze when we got home, I put it in the washer instead of the hand wash/dry clean pile. And I ruined it. So I spent several days scouring the internet and found what I thought was a replacement. Unfortunately it’s not quite the same. It’s baby pink instead of blush, it has a button in the back, and the back isn’t sheer the way the other one was. I mean it’s okay but I’m not going to lie, I miss my old one. Sigh.

top: Sheinside / shoes: Aldo / sunglasses: Aldo / pants: Zara / bracelet: ASOS


Closet Fashionista said...

Oh no! I hate when that happens! But this one is pretty too, even if it's not exactly like your old one

welldressedmaker said...

that's pooty! but I do like this one. Still-- I know the pain of losing a beloved piece of clothing because of laundry brain farts. That's the main reason why I have B do all my laundry!

LyddieGal said...

Ugh, that is the worst! I'm really impressed you managed to find such a good duplicate, even if it's not exact.
Chic on the Cheap

Cee said...

And this is why I hate laundry. It's where so many good clothes go to die. This blouse is lovely but I totally understand the feeling of mourning the old one, I would never be satisfied with a replacement if something like this happened to me.

Prints And Roses said...

nice look, love the blouse and the flats!

awhite said...

This is suuuuuuch a gorgeous color on you, lady!

Le Stylo Rouge

Mary R said...

Gosh... I hate it when I ruin one of my favorite items too! But this one actually looks great on you. That color is soooo pretty! This is such a feminine outfit and it looks comfy and polished at the same time.


Marie a la Mode said...

R.I.P. beautiful blouse : ( It was gorgeous! I did the same thing with one of my favorite jean jackets from Zara. I put it in the washing machine and now it will only fit a 12 year old girl with narrow shoulders :(