Friday, December 11, 2015

All the Frills: Festivus!!!!

I have a mild obsession with Christmas. Not really the holiday so much as all the decorations. I tend to go a little nuts. As evidence, I present you with the following.

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Closet Fashionista said...

Yayyy! Definitely a festivus for the restivus ;)
You should see my parents house! It is insanity! I don't go too wild at my place since my cousins don't care but I do put up more than other people do, haha

May Cho said...

YES to that first article. You're right -- about damn time.

These Christmas decor are wonderful; I can't wait for the day to come!

May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

Veronika, By The Shore said...

Your home looks lovely & perfectly festive!! And I hear ya, this is the time to decorate... our tree is up + we have little Xmas things practically in every room. Love it! xo

Cee said...

Your holiday decor is quite fabulous - it makes my three-foot tall tree, which doesn't even have lights, look a bit lazy ;)

Raquelita said...

This is some stunningly festive decor! I dream of leveling up, but it's too hectic of a time of year for us usually between the end of the term and holiday obligations. We do a tree, sometimes remember to light the menorah 2 or 3 out of the 8 nights, and sporadically remember to display Christmas and holiday cards on the mantle.