Thursday, November 16, 2017

Maternity Leave Reality Check

Full disclosure, I’m finding being on maternity leave a little rough – and I freely admit that. It’s a bit like walking of a cliff in that I went from having a really challenging job that I put a lot of hours into (not to mention working a lot at home on the book – which, of course, is now finished) to just full stop not much to do all day. Eleanor also still has a somewhat erratic sleep schedule so while she does take lengthy day time naps, I never really know when she will want to sleep and that makes it hard to make plans to get out of the house.

It's also further complicated by the fact that she likes travelling in the car but as soon as the car stops, she wants out of her car seat and angrily tells you so - so even just taking her out to a store or to get groceries is complicated. Combine all that with not having regular access to other grown ups and it’s definitely a bit isolating. Most days I find myself counting down the hours until the helpmeet gets home from work and I have an adult to talk to. I take her out to programs at our local library and to visit with family and friends, as well as going into the office a few hours a week (trust me, I need the break) but I can say with confidence that I’m really glad that I opted for eight months of leave instead of the more standard twelve (my helpmeet is doing the other four months). Anyways, given that I only get out of the house sporadically, I really made the most of this trip to the vet.

leggings: ASOS / dress: Rachel Roy / shoes: Spring / necklace: Oak + Fort / jacket: The Bay


Closet Fashionista said...

Yea, I can definitely see how that would be frustrating for someone like you. Me, on the other hand....I love being at home and not leaving! Hahaha!
I love the cobalt paired with black, definitely a classic combo that a lot of people avoid because of the no black and blue rule (which is a stupid rule to begin with! and really only applies to super dark blues)

Lydia said...

I can imagine being home alone with a baby all day long is just a huge shift when you've been working full time (or more than full time) and suddenly realize you can no longer come and go as you please. But she will get older, and trips out will be more complicated, but more fun.

And those are some seriously fabulous smoking slippers.

Cee said...

What you've described is, I won't lie, basically my idea of hell. Compared to how I would react, I feel like you've been holding it together incredibly well - and maintaining amazing style which is no easy feat when you technically have nowhere you need to be. (I am in my home office in yoga pants at the moment, so I know this all too well.)

Lorena said...

WOW a year maternity leave ?! here it's just 3 months.
Now, I have to say that I admit it sound like a really, REALLY rough time.
Maybe you can try this:
Hang in there ! A hug your way.

JennaStevie said...

I can definitely see how having a new born would feel isolating and challenging. For me any period where I'm confined to being at home for a long time has made me stir crazy. Post surgeries I was going absolutely batshit. Talking about it definitely helps and having a support!!
Love that you made the most out of going to the vet, girls gotta do what makes her feel good. And you look awesome in blue!