Thursday, January 18, 2018

Running Errands With Eleanor

I wore this to run errands with Eleanor and she was remarkably cool about the whole thing. Even though I do it pretty frequently, I still dread taking her out places with me (aside from kid friendly places, like when we go to programs at the local library). It’s a whole production to get us both ready to go and out the door and then I am always terrified she’ll have a fit in the middle of a store and I won’t be able to stop it. I’m still scared of it even though it has, of course, happened already multiple times and really isn’t so bad – you just do what you can to soothe her and then calmly and quickly finish up what you’re doing and get the hell out of dodge (it’s really actually not that bad). But on this particular trip (which amounted to about 3 hours total in the car, then Costco, and then the grocery store) she happily napped the whole time! I love it when that happens.

dress: ASOS / jacket: Joe Fresh / booties: Camper


awhite said...

Yay for napping babies while you run errands- that makes it so easy!

And loving this dress- the tough leather jacket makes a nice juxtaposition, too!

Le Stylo Rouge

Adventureswithcourtt said...

That dress is so cute!!

Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe, gotta love napping babies! I love how that dress is 2 different shades, adds some more shape

Lydia said...

That leopard dress is gorgeous, and perfect with the leather jacket. I always imagine a crying baby in a store is worst of all for the mother, so I can imagine how great it must be to have a day when she naps the entire time.

Lorena said...

Sounds like a fabulous outing if she slept the whole way ;)
and you are rocking that printed dress.

Cee said...

I love that this is the outfit you choose to run errands in! The leopard dress is a particularly fabulous piece, the cut and length are just perfect.

JennaStevie said...

So styling for running errands, love the leopard print! I find it's fun to make those excursions into a time to dress up when you don't get to dress up much! Awesome that she just napped