Friday, March 30, 2018

All the Frills: The Scotland Shelf

I realized, purely by accident, the other day that this little shelf of knick knacks in my living room has a bit of a “vacation in Scotland” theme to it. The little chess set is, of course, a replica of the Lewes Chessmen that I got at the National Museum of Scotland many years ago, and the framed picture is of my helpmeet and I the last time we were in Edinburgh, sampling some whiskeys. Funny how this little shelf came together.

Weekend Reading:


Mariann Yip said...

Haha thats so cute, I love stumbling on things unexpectedly.

Lydia said...

I'm surprised I've never seen the super mario brothers movie... I'll have to see if anyone has it to stream right now, got to love a good train wreck, right?

Last year I fired a gun for the first time. It was at a shooting range, it was my sister's idea. I fired a few different types of guns (I've forgotten which now) and it was scary. I'd be happy to never fire a gun again. I don't think I could ever feel safe in a house with a gun. Even just firing the guns hurt me - I got a black and blue on my shoulder from the kickback of the rifle, and a couple small burns on my neck from the hot ejected shells.

It's sad to think what has happened to retirement for so many people. I know so few of my friends have retirement funds started, though I'm no shining example, now that I don't have a job with one, I haven't contributed in four years.

Also love "playing upbeat music while murders are being committed" lol. so true. so weird, why do we like this??

Missymayification said...

How unique and cute is that!!

Cee said...

It's funny how home decor sometimes comes together just perfectly, isn't it? Everything written about guns and gun violence at the moment is so important but also so hard for me to read. I've been staunchly anti-gun for as long as I've known what guns were and the constant gun violence south of our border baffles, astonishes and enrages me in equal measure.

Lorena said...

Super Mario ?!! Really ?!?
I think its kind of cool how you have summarised the trip in one shelf.