Friday, May 4, 2018

All the Frills: Decorated Hallway

My little home refresh continues! We used to just have a little tiny table in this hallway but swapped that out for this larger cabinet so that we have additional space to store baby toys, etc. It’s definitely a bulkier piece of furniture so we opted to stick with the white in order to minimize the size a bit. I’m overall pretty pleased with how this is coming together.

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LyddieGal said...

That piece on Melania's sleeves was just so good. It's true people at various fashion weeks made it a thing, and I can attest to the sheer difficulty of keeping a jacket in place draped only over ones shoulders. I can often barely manage it for outfit photos (when I'm trying to be all cool like that) so I can't imagine it as a way of life.

I also completely love your deer bowl

Chic on the Cheap

Mica said...

That's a really smart idea for toy storage as everything is hidden away behind the door! We have those Ikea cubs with overflowing baskets inside them, not as tidy looking!

Hope that you had a nice weekend :) We went out for dinner on Friday and I caught up with a blogging friend on Saturday so it was a good weekend here! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Cee said...

I practically cheered with the Bill Cosby verdict came down. It remains unfathomable to me that the things he did were allowed to go on for so long and that his victims had to suffer so much to get a small measure of justice :/

Lorena said...

It does not seem like this piece of furniture is bulky at all !
As I saw these pictures I could only wonder where my diplomas are: in a folder under a mattress somewhere.
I had not noticed that Melanie does not wear the sleeves... and OMG that house is funky. I'd love to visit an go through all the stuff.