Monday, May 28, 2018

On the Fence

I remain on the fence about this top. I love the front and love the back, in theory, but the “tail” sort of runs a bit too long for my liking and I feel like a circus ring master or something. It was a pricier piece but I’ve worn in enough times that I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth (guys, I’m real frugal…real frugal). I’m still on the fence though…I keep thinking that maybe the next time I wear it I’ll like it more or feel more comfortable with it. Alternately I don’t know why I’m agonizing over it so much...

shirt: Rag and Bone / necklace: Stella and Dot / shoes: Spring / leggings: ASOS


Cee said...

I feel your pain. It happens to me less often now because I force myself to be so disciplined, but in my younger days, I often wound up with pieces in my closet that qualified as, "perfect, except for [insert any flaw you can think of.]" There is nothing more frustrating than loving 95% of a piece of clothing, only to remember why you hate the other 5% of it every time you wear it.

awhite said...

I think the top looks really cool- it's so unique! Maybe if you paired it with ankle boot or something with a bit of a heel...? That might help balance proportions so you don't feel like the tail is too long (although I think it looks super slick).

Le Stylo Rouge

Lorena said...

This jacket reminds me of the "paint brush blazer" I wore a few days ago.
It looks amazing from the front, I love that white pipping detail. However when you turn around... it's not convincing enough.
Have you considered altering it ? I did not have that option.

Miti said...

Could you have it altered to match your tastes? #SpentTheWeekendRemovingPuffSleeves


Love this look

Mónica Sors

Lydia said...

I do love it from the front but agree the 'tail' is a big statement. Perhaps consider having it altered? You'd likely lose the piping detail, but might love it more.

JennaStevie said...

I am almost always way too short, but I do love this top! It looks really great with that necklace too