Thursday, July 26, 2018

It's a Keeper

I tossed this outfit together pretty quickly for an afternoon of running errands but I was really pleased with how it looked so decided to grab a few photos (I appreciate that one of the benefits of blogging is that I can have something of a clothing archive in terms of things that worked, didn’t work, etc for me). I think I’ll be resurrecting this outfit again – maybe for work or an after work social activity.

top: French Connection / shoes: Aldo / jacket: Simons / pants: RW & Co


Cee said...

I plan a lot of my outfits really carefully, but I swear, often the ones that come together the best are the ones I just throw on at the last minute because I'm in a rush and have to go. There's something about working under pressure, I guess ;)

Closet Fashionista said...

I agree! Whenever I don't know what to wear I go through the archives to find something I loved and re-wear it!

Lydia said...

I love having my blog archives as outfit inspiration, and I agree, this one is a keeper! I love the bomber jacket.
Chic on the Cheap

Lorena said...

I have not planned my outfits lately, so I've been feeling like there's a lot of misses in my last posts.
Its great when you feel and look good in an outfit, specially if it was unplanned.

NotJessFashion said...

I do plan my outfits as much as possible, makes blogging it easier. Anyway, that bomber jacket is a classic piece dear, you really can't go wrong with that.

Jessica |