Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It Never Fails

Well, it never fails that as soon as I start thinking winter might be nearing its end we get hit with a giant snowfall and temperatures dip back into the -20 range. Luckily I am particularly fond of winter…

In other news, like many, many other people, I am officially working from home indefinitely effective today after I made the decision yesterday to close down my office and have all staff work remotely. Eleanor is in a day home with fewer than six children so the closure of schools, daycares, and larger day homes has not impacted us (yet), which means it's possible for me to move all my meetings online and actually be somewhat productive working from home. All that will definitely change if I have a two and half year old home with me all day but, for the time, I'm just taking things one day at a time and trying to stick to a routine (I tend to not so well working from home, as my maternity leave taught me, so we'll see how this goes). I hope everyone else out there is coping with all this insanity as best they can.

jacket: Zara / jeans: Gap / shirt: ASOS / boots: Aldo


Closet Fashionista said...

#1 - love that jacket!
#2 - glad you were able to make the decision to work from home! Might be hard but definitely safer for everyone that way! I'm still hoping Christian's boss lets him do that soon. But I doubt it, he's mean.

stylefrontier said...

totally love the coat! and glad that you are working from home
style frontier

Cee said...

Working from home is my normal, so the only thing that has changed for me so far is that my entire job has become answering questions about Covid. I'm in what I've decided to call mid-line health care, which means my team deals with the sick and injured but not in a face-to-face setting, and this madness has pretty much upended all of our lives, so I can't imagine how people on the front lines are handling it. Luckily, people seem to be relatively proactive in Canada so hopefully we can be reasonably successful in flattening the curve and life can go on at some point.

awhite said...

I'm living that work from home like right now, too- it's totally crazy the time we're living in. But staying safe and well is most important!

Loving this cozy gray cardigan- what a great piece!

Le Stylo Rouge

Make Life Marvelous said...

While I work from home on a normal basis, I think most everyone is now trying to adapt! It's a crazy time. I hope you enjoy working from home as best as you can, and you stay safe and healthy.

Your outfit is so pretty!

Make Life Marvelous

Lorena said...

Fab jacket - oh wow and it snowed!
We are in lockdown, we are adapting.
I am terrible at working from home. I need a different space and people around me.
Good vibes you way.