Friday, August 7, 2020

Lacy Afternoons

I really love this new dress that I purchased online and wish I actually had somewhere to wear it, beyond a quick trip into my office. Sigh. Well, it’s first up on my list to wear out for dinner and drinks when that’s possible again.

dress: Nordstrom / boots: Camper / jacket: Old Navy


Feature: If you haven’t watched The 13th on Netflix, you really, really should. I watched it last year and rewatched it recently and it is incredibly insightful and educational. You should also read this piece on reparations, by Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is one of the people behind the brilliant 1619 Project (the associated podcast which I mentioned in a previous post). 


Cee said...

This dress definitely deserves to have a fabulous night on the town and I hope that, someday soon, it can. In the meantime, at least you're not letting it hang in your closet waiting for a special occasion. There's nothing worse than clothes that get saved for special occasions that never end up coming.

awhite said...

I'm always down for a lace-and-moto-jacket combo. Tough and femme for the win!

Le Stylo Rouge

The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

Your dress is very beautiful and I like how you style it.

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Lovely said...

Your dress is so gorgeous! You look really amazing!


Mica said...

It's a lovely dress and it's great you got to wear it even if it wasn't to the kind of event you hoped for! :) I'm struggling with not having anywhere to wear my pretty pieces either - I've been trying to take the opportunity to get dressed up a little more than I would when we do get out, but it's still a strange world to be in and a lot of my wardrobe is unworn.

Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

Away From Blue

Lydia said...

Such a great lace dress! I do hope it gets to properly go out sooner than later!