Monday, April 12, 2021

How Is It Winter Again?

We had a freak resurgence of winter recently (it snowed, temperatures dipped below freezing, and there was a several day streak of insanely blustery winds) and I was forced to pull out my heavier sweaters and boots (you know, for that glorious 15 minutes of the day that I actually spend outside of my house, seemingly chained to my home office).
dress: Zara / cardigan: ASOS / leggings: Old Navy / boots: Target / necklace: Saks Off 5th Feature: This is a great read about how we can shift perceptions around Black-owned brands being "only for Black people."


Closet Fashionista said...

I should probably try to spend 15 minutes outside during the day, haha....but nope, I just sit on the couch working all day.
We did have lunch outside a couple times last week but it was still too cold most days....

Mica said...

At first I thought it was strange you'd still have winter this late in the year and snow but then I realised it's still summer like here despite it being half way into autumn! I think it takes a while for the seasons to properly change. not that I'm complaining, a little extra warmth is nice, but I hope it doesn't mean a longer winter in the second half of the year for us, haha!

Hope that you are having a good weekend :) We enjoyed the summer-like weather yesterday at the playground :)

Away From The Blue

Cee said...

We've experienced a similarly aggravating resurgence of winter over the past ten days and I am just - completely over it. The wild swings in temperature are annoying at best and they make figuring out how to dress next to impossible, never mind the limitations they put on spending time outside which is all anyone has to do right now... Needless to say, I feel for you.

awhite said...

The same thing is happening in KC right now- it was 65 degrees yesterday then a super-charged cold front moved in overnight and we got 3 inches of snow. Freeze warnings for the next few nights, even! Sheesh.

Le Stylo Rouge