Friday, April 17, 2015

All the Frills: I've Underestimated How Hard Painting Is

We finally started to paint our place! It’s hard to tell from these photos but it’s a very pale blue-grey colour. We’re planning on doing a few dark grey accent walls as well, but that will be down the road from now. Right now we have an ungodly number of rooms to paint (did I mention that painting is a lot of work?) and we’re trying to do as many of them ourselves as we can before we call in a professional to do the parts we can’t do (like the hallways in the stairwells, where the ceilings are two stories high). The home improvement train moves forward!

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welldressedmaker said...

OMG you and I have the same palette in mind. I am hoping painting isn't as hard as you're making it sound to be!

LyddieGal said...

Yes, painting is a challenge - I have very limited experiences, but I feel your pain.

Cee said...

Painting is way harder than people lead us to believe... luckily my husband isn't bad at it, or we'd never get anything done in our place.

Elle Sees said...

you always post the best links. i have never painted anything other than nails and crafts. my dad was a house painter and was great at it. kudos to you for getting it done by yourself.


Painting the home is definitely work. Going for dark grey accents sound nice too. I also saw the Billie Holiday article and liked it.
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