Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dilly Dally

I wore this out to see a few bands play with some friends and discovered the amazingness of a band called Dilly Dally. They were beyond amazing. I love it when I am pleasantly surprised by new music.

leggings: ASOS / boots: Target / shirt: Target / purse: Zara / sunglasses: Aldo / coat: found at a bar


Closet Fashionista said...

Looking good! Yea, I've pretty much lost faith in new music, but my brother seems to find great stuff. Not what I would normally listen to, but if he's listening I don't mind.

Cee said...

This is the perfect outfit for a concert - comfortable and with close toed shoes in case anyone spills beer in your general direction, but still perfectly put together. I love that jacket!

welldressedmaker said...

It looks like you should be playing bass or the drums in a band with this outfit. I LOVE that jacket!

Elle Sees said...

love the textures of this and of course the orange nails

Unknown said...

Great concert look!!

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awhite said...

That moto jacket is a staple piece- and loving that necklace, too!

Le Stylo Rouge

Veronika, By The Shore said...

You look SO gorgeous. This look is absolutely perfect and I want to be wearing it right now!!! ;) Plus fun, I'll have to check out the band! xo