Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Dress Investment

We’ve had some wet weather here recently so I was forced to bust out my rubber boots when I would have preferred to pair this dress (one of the three items of pricier maternity wear that I decided to splurge on – a good dress is always a good investment, right?).

In other news, I'm basically more or less just spending more of my time getting increasingly freaked out about my impending due date. I'm legit scared guys. I know I have no reason to be because my body knows what to do but, still...thank god I am working with a doctor I really like and, perhaps more importantly, an amazing, intuitive, and very calming doula. So I've got a good team...but I'm still scared! I'm not saying this in the interest of hearing platitudes (again, I 100% rationally am aware that it will all be fine and my body knows what it's doing); I just think it's important to acknowledge anxieties.

dress: Thyme Maternity / boots: Kamik / jacket: H&M / necklace: Stella and Dot


awhite said...

This dress is gorgeous + a great investment. Also, totally normal and natural to be scared- giving birth is a BIG DAMN THING. But you are also going to be just fine, especially with such a supportive team around you!

Le Stylo Rouge

Closet Fashionista said...

I think it would be weird if you weren't scared. Definitely an intimidating process, but like you said everyone (including your body) know what to do so it will all go swimmingly!
(and love that dress!)

Unknown said...

I love how you styled your outfit! Super chic! :)

Angelie // Pepper Lunch - SM Mall of Asia

Cee said...

I'm always way more concerned when people aren't scared about giving birth than when they are - I think it's a rational response to knowledge about the very hard work your body is going to have to do, even if it does know exactly what to do, because it is no small feat. Also, I full support investing in good dresses, you can really never go wrong.

Lorena said...

I think a dress that makes you feel awesome is totally worth the investment -
and I can only imagine your fear - I think I'd be terrified too but like you say its important to get it out there, its only normal. Like you say it will all be well.