Friday, October 19, 2018

All the Frills: The Greatest Time of the Year

It’s my favourite time of year! Halloween!!!! So I’ve busted out my decorations, have been watching scary movies non-stop, and have two Halloween costumes in the works (a work/Eleanor activity one (Maleficent) and one to wear out for a night on the town (Nyx)). What are you Halloween plans?

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JennaStevie said...

Your Halloween decorations are on point, I need to get on putting some up. I do love halloween, spooky and fun.
I love those himtoo memes, and that poor guy. He sounds great though, cat daddy.

Cee said...

I admit: Halloween is a holiday that leaves me pretty indifferent. Which makes it not unlike any other holiday in the year. But my best friend is into it, especially the scary movies bit, so every year on Halloween we get together, order vegetarian Chinese food, put on Hocus Pocus and eat our way through a few bags of miniature chocolate bars - and while I don't love the holiday itself, I do love that tradition.

Lorena said...

My fave part of Halloween while growing up was not getting a costume but getting candy and of course eating it afterwards-
Nowadays its getting dressed to scare the &!&& out of little kids that come knocking to our door. However the kids in our building grew up .. so I am not sure what i will do this year.